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About Russia House

“Russia house” Newspaper “Russia house” Newspaper Events in your business



"Russia House" Newspaper is the most popular in the South-East is now offering advertisers a medium for reaching a growing, untapped market. “Russia house” is the first Russian Newspaper in state of Georgia. We will celebrate our 20 years Anniversary next year. We have thousands of advertisers since we came to the market.

Advertising in “Russia House” is direct line to new immigrants who are still learning how and where to find goods and services in our county. Often these readers are not reached by traditional advertising due to language barrier. 


Share your business with 150.000 Russians in state of Georgia.

Russia House” is the communication connection between American Advertisers and Russian speaking neighbors-consumers. Relay you message and information about you and open up a new market for your product and services.


1. On the newspaper "Russian House"
Newspaper "Russian House" - a free color print edition, going 2 times a month.
The newspaper provides information on events in the world, analytical materials in the fields of politics, economics, science, sports and cultural and literary topics.

Newspaper help Russian-speaking population of America to keep abreast of world and local events and news.
The newspaper is published since 1992
      Price - free
      Page - 64

1. The newspaper provides interesting information about news and the latest developments in science, politics, economics, sports, culture, etc. Interviews with interesting people, humorous stories, anecdote, crosswords.
2. Advertising publication informs readers about local services and products they can buy near home.

The concept of the newspaper.
1. The newspaper "Russian house" of information and journalistic newspaper, figured on a wide range of readers. Publication as full of interesting publications and special useful information to readers.
2. The editorial staff and authors have specialization education and work experience. In the publications that use reliable information, all articles are carefully processed. Conduct interviews and provide feedback to the reader through the website of the newspaper and mail. 

Target audience.
The newspaper "Russian House" - information and journalistic publication in the State of Georgia
The concept - to inform readers about the lighting and the latest news, politics, science and culture.

Main headings:

  •      News
  •      Culture
  •      Politics
  •      New Technologies
  •      Publications
  •      Advertisement
  •      People life
  •      Literature
  •      Crosswords

Periodicity: 2 times a month (a number and 15 of each month)
Circulation: 15.000 (Atlanta and the Atlanta area, southeastern states)
Format: A-3 (14H10 inch)
Color: Full color 4 +4
Published: In  Atlanta since 1992


H-Mart, Russian shops, Fresh mart, large office buildings, sports complexes, entertainment centers, Restaurants, cafe, exhibitions, religious sentry, retirement homes and more.

Cooperation with the newspaper
News. Please let us know about events in your business. We can publish your article, interview you or write an article about your new product. Let us know  about  the activities carried out by you, and they will appear in the newspaper.
Advertisements. Your materials (text, images, photos, interviews) are placed after your payments, according to  advertising rates. 

Contact person:

Mari Delgado (tel. 770-653-5178), contact

Marina Kochubey (tel. 678-736-9139), This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , contact

Office: Phone: (770) 643-7997,  contact

Advertising on the site WWW.RUSSIAHOUSENEWS.INFO
For partners and customers of the newspaper "Russian House", we allow to place ads on our site from 50.00 – 300.00 depending on size.  This may be a flash banner or information about the company. If you do not have the layout of advertising to advertise on our site, we can create it for you.

PR Prices.

Writing articles by authors edition (includes goals, tasks, articles, planning exposure) – from $ 150

We have a correctly grown flexible system of discounts. With the publication of advertisements for the period of half of the year, we give a 15% discount, and 25% discount on yearly base. All prices are vary. Individual terms and conditions offered to every each client.

Share your business with 150.000 Russians in state of Georgia.
Looking forward for your cooperation.

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